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How confident are you with the appearance of your smile? Do you flash a grin easily when you're interacting with friends, or do you withdraw and hide your smile because you feel self-conscious?

Whether you're embarrassed about broken teeth or tooth decay or you want your smile to look brighter, we have the treatment you need at Gorrell Smiles! Please take a moment to browse through our smile gallery to see some of the stunning smile makeovers we've helped our patients achieve. Then give us a call to see what's possible for your smile!

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Dr. Gorrell and his team are top notch!

I've been a VERY satisfied customer of his for a long, long time! Simply put, Dr. Gorrell and his team are top notch!

1. Customer Service (front desk) - Outstanding! Always welcoming and hospitable!
2. Patient Experience (dental chair) - Outstanding! Always calming and friendly! E.g. the availability of a neck heating pad prior to cleaning and the Japanese Oshibori (Japanese hot towel) at the end of each visit!
3. Adoption and use of new technologies and the simple touches - Outstanding! Leading edge approaches with the pro's & con's of each being discussed!
4. Skillset - Outstanding! I've never had to have any dental work revisited or done over!

Most importantly, Dr. Gorrell is just a great individual Wishing him and his team many more years of continued success!

- William F.

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