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By J. Brent Gorrell on January 29, 2014

Mountain View 6 Month Smile MakeoverCrooked teeth can be simultaneously embarrassing and frustrating, but many orthodontic treatments have problems of their own. Teenagers and adults, especially, may be wary of having conspicuous metal braces on their teeth for months or years at a time. With 6 Month Smiles®, patients have the opportunity to straighten their teeth in a relatively quick timetable, using clear braces that blend in with their natural tooth color. 

While this treatment offers multiple benefits, 6 Month Smiles® may not be the best orthodontic treatment for everyone. To determine whether you may be a candidate, consider the information below and schedule a meeting with Dr. Gorrell at our Mountain View cosmetic dentistry office. 

How Does 6 Month Smiles® Work?

Like regular braces, 6 Month Smiles® utilizes a method of wires and brackets to gradually shift teeth into the proper position. Unlike traditional braces, though, the brackets are clear and blend in subtly with your teeth. Similarly, the tooth-colored wires approximate the shade of your smile, as opposed to the stark contrast of dark grey metal. By temporarily bonding these discreet braces to your teeth, they can give you a beautiful smile in around six months or sometimes even sooner.

Additionally, the clear brackets are not individually positioned and cemented on like conventional braces. Rather, they are positioned through a single tray, which is created from a mold of your teeth, and bonded in place simultaneously. This allows the procedure to be incredibly quick and hassle free.

Who Is a Candidate for 6 Month Smiles®?

Because different orthodontic treatments each have their own advantages and strengths, some patients may benefit from 6 Month Smiles® while others may benefit from traditional braces or Invisalign®. The following factors play a primary role in one’s candidacy for treatment:

  • Degree of crookedness: Teeth that are mildly crooked or out of position can generally be fixed through 6 Month Smiles®. For severe crookedness or misaligned bites, an alternative treatment can provide more substantial results.
  • Teeth to be treated: 6 Month Smiles® are meant to straighten front teeth and those that are normally visible in a smile. Molars cannot be moved or treated, as no bands are used.
  • Timeframe: Since conventional braces and Invisalign® involve bite correction, they tend to take longer. 6 Month Smiles® can usually achieve full, lasting results within four to nine months.
  • Age: Braces are often seen on adolescents or preteens, but 6 Month Smiles® is reserved for patients 15 years or older. This treatment is especially beneficial for older patients who may be worried about the social stigma of wearing obvious metal braces.

If a patient proves to be a good candidate, he or she may further benefit from the price, as 6 Month Smiles® often costs half that of other orthodontic treatments. To learn whether your smile may be enhanced through this procedure, schedule an appointment with us for a personal assessment. 

What Can 6 Month Smiles® Correct?

Treatment is targeted at cosmetic problems that do not affect one’s bite. To this end, the following issues are commonly corrected through a 6 Month Smiles® procedure:  

  • General malocclusion
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • An uneven or asymmetrical smile
  • Rotated teeth
  • High canine teeth

While mild overbites and underbites may be improved through treatment, the best candidates for 6 Month Smiles® are those with a healthy and strong bite.

Learn More about 6 Month Smiles®

To find out whether you are a good candidate for treatment, schedule a consultation with us. Through inspection of your teeth, Dr. Gorrell can determine the best way to help you achieve a straighter smile. If you can indeed benefit from 6 Month Smiles®, impressions will be taken of your teeth and treatment can soon be underway. Contact our office to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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